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Ancient Canons of the Universal Church
General Council of Nicaea 325AD 20 Canons
" " Constantinople 381 7
" " Ephesus 431 8
" " Chalcedon 451 30
Procincal Council of Ancyra 314 25
" " Neocaesarea >314 15
" " Gangra with 340 21
" " Antioch 341 25
" " Laodicea with 365 60

Printing order Mind of Man Ptolomy - in his Geography he showed the earth to be a
perfect sphere with land + water intermingled, gave a table
#103 of longitude + latitude of 8,000 places in the world + first
made technical use of the terms parallel + meridian.
His mistaken estimate of the extent of the Asiatic
Continent induced Columbus to tracel westwards.
Dante + Milton both organized their works round
his cosmic system; it occurs frequently in Chaucer.

-By 1500 Europe possessed an estimated 9 million books,
compared with fewer than 100,000 hand wrought manuscripts some
50 years before. No other invention has so thoroughly or so rapidly -
revolutionized intellectual life + society.

The 1st letters of the Greek words "Jesus Christ, God's Son, Saviour"
spell "fish" Thus, the fish was an early symbol for Christ.

The vision of Ezikiel 1:5,10 out of the midst thereof came
the likeness of 4 living creatures - as for the likeness of
their faces, they had the face of man - the face of a lion -
the face of an eagle - the face of an ox "was interrupted
as referring to the 4 evangelists

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