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The Golden Legend was a rich source of inspirations
to Romantic + Germanic literature, both sacred +
profane. The naive credulity of the work + its
wholly unhistorical approach, later around the
Reformation with an apt weapon for use in its
campaign against the worship of Saints.
Legenda sanctorum- Readings about the Saints.
Iacopo's collection collection became a favorite with medieval readers
who called it Legenda aurea, the Golden Legend.

Ludwig von Renchen - nothing is known of his life, save his
home is found in about 12 books printed at Cologne
in the year 1483-92.
Vol. 2 -in dialects Saxoniae inferioris -2 col. 42 -
rubricated in red, woodcuts not colored- about 200.
Maria magdalena xxvi verso to folio xxxi recto
July 22 contains -"eyn exempel" (2)
- etzlighe saghendat (1)
before- Alexius July 17 Initial M- very close to
after- Apollinaria July 23
begins- Johas baptiste June 24
towards the end - Sent Regina
my leaf marked d4 (of 6)

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I had to look up the shorthand symbol for a c with a line over it while reviewing this. It means "with".