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Oct. 77
Zeitlin + Ver Brugge
Los Angeles
Jacobus de Voragine (1230-1298)
Dat [?dnytoche?] Passionail [Legenda Aurea in Low German]
Cologne: Ludwig von Renchen [inserted] 1484-1505] I. 21 July 1485. Nov 30
June 30
II. 31 Oct 1485. June 24
Nov 29
Ref: Goff J171 BMC I 266 Schr 4321 Polain (B) 2223.
Cop: HEHL (-), NYPL. II Mary Magdalena - July 22
folio 252 leaves, 3-251, tumbied iij- ccli in pt. I and
iij-cclij (omitting xcvii) in pt. II. 2 columns
Pt. 1 43 lines 198x131 mm Types 238, title; 158
Leadirys; 93a text. [?Spaces?] with many guide letters
left fn capitals. With 4 woodcut capitals + many
Type 235- large Church Type - in use 1485, 6 + 92
158- med. " " - in use 1484+86
93a semi cursive German text Type - in use 1484+6
2 forms of D.
The Roman Missal, signed + dated ' sext. Nonas Februarij,'
1483 in the earliest book known from Ludwig von Renchen's
press; he was still at work in 1515, but after 1487
only dated books in 1489 + 1492.
The Schwabacher itself is found at least as early as 1484 when
it was used by Ludwig von Renchen at Cologne in his
Seelenthoot- in the 90's it became very popular
- features - closed a, looped b, d, h + l + tailed f + long s
- Many of the wood cuts used by Ludwig von Renchen belonged
to Knoblochtzer of Strassburg.
The beginning of the liturgical year has not always been fixed on the same day. From
the 9th C comes the earliest Gospel List that begins the year with the 1st Sunday
of Advent. the 4th Sunday preceding Christmas. This practice became
common only after the year 1000 + has since been the custom to the
present day.

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