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Books in Manuscript 2nd edition revised 1920 London
Falconer Madan Kegan Paul, Trench, Truber + Co. Ltd.
R. Z105 M17

Abbreviation by Contraction - 3 chict kinds in the middle Ages
A) by abbreviative signs, 7 in number value
1) -or- above preceeding letter m or n
2) s or 3 " er, re, ri, in or -
3) 7 above but after preceding letter us
4) z or s " preceding letter ur
5) c on line con or com
6) : than; then 3 " [q]ue, et, - (b)us
7) 4 " rum or m
Thus mud^7 (1, 3) 7C^5t at^2 (5, 2, 4)
plurib; (6) mensa4 (7)
There are also a few general signs such as
Exon = Exonia, Exonianses etc.)
resp (regis) p = ser
p = pre p = per p = pro
B) Abbreviation by position of letters
1) vowels over preceding letters indicate suppression of
r before or after the vowel.
Thus c^a men = crimen, u^e bi = uerbi not ubi
2) Q omits its u, if the vowel following is written
over q. THus q = quo
C) Abbreviation by omission.
The first + last letters must be given, + usually
one medial; the word must be in common use;
+ as in all cases of contraction, a line must be
drawn over the contracted part, e.g.
vij (videlicet, our viz.) lre (litere) 3tr (similiter)
oro (oratio)

Incipit = here beginneth
Explicit = here is unfolded or rolled out to the end

Sepientiar - wisdom
Ecclesine - Church
Ecu - behold
Protesta - grant
In illo tempore - at that time

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