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France con sign (9) used internally.
÷ est (French MSS) (est). ȩ (12th C)
i - dotted ? or only if double
et sign - long honiz. stroke - characteristic of the
Latin South (z) i.e. Spain
ampersand & - (Canolingian)
[?Tuionian?] sign v forked r - French cursive hands
c for cum not common after 1220
n for non
de, do, p. juncture which is common in developed
crossed [?Tuionian?] et sign 7 -- sometimes regarded as
indicative of origin north of the Alps
double looped S --> S
erect s --> f developed Gothic --> tightly
compressed letters
becomes shaded 1 (1343) the [inserted] internal [end inserted] omedial 9 sign for con or cum is generally French
miniscule [?forked?] r (r) - Typically French

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