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- In the Book of Durrow, St John's symbol is not the usual
Eagle but, following the pre-Jerome order, the lion.

- Although before the end of the 15th C Bibles had been
printed in German, Italian, French, Dutch, Danish, Bohemian
+ Spanish, England was sitll without a printed Bible in
the Tongue of the people. Caxton could not have printed
one for in 1414 a law was enacted that all person
found reading the Scriptures in the mother Tongue shold
'forfeit lant, atel, lif + goods from their heyres for ever.

The excellence of Coverdale's work lies in its literary quality from
the point of view of English usage, rather than in its
textual bases or translational accuracy. ("a translation from

The provenance of the 1535 Coverdale Bible remains still
a matter of mystery.

The main biblical text of the Coverdale edition 1535 was divided into 6
main sections: Pentateuch, Historical Books, Hagiographa
(poetical books) Prophets, Apocrypha, New Testament.
woodcut illustrations appear in the text comprising 68 different
instances in a total of some 158 places.

1535 - Bible - the generall title is accepted as Holbeun's design. The
smaller cuts (67) by repetition over 150 reappear in Nicolson's
folios of 1537 + Day + Seres' reprint of the Matthew Bible
of 1549.

James Nicholson (1535-38) address: Southward St. Thomas Hospital
although he was known to be alive a a considerably later
date, no book was printed by him after 1538.

1537 Coverdale Bible (J. Nicholson) - 1st ed of the whole
English Bible to be printed in England. Tyndale's
New Testament had been printed the previous
year by a london printed named Thomas

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