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S.F. Book Fair
Charles W. Traylen
Sept. '76 $5.00

Tiberius Catius Asconius
a Cohaul under Nero. (25 or 26-101)

Silvius Italicus Punica. (Petrus Marsus d. 1512, commentary)
Venice: Bonetus Locatellus, for Octavianus Scotus
18 May 1492 f° (c iiii)
Goff S508 HC 14740 BMC V p 439 Latin
cop HEHL, Yale.

156 leaves. 5a:61 lines of commentary surrounding the text, +
headline, 242 (249) x 166 mm. Types: 105R; 80R
woodcut capitals

The 1st known book of Locotellus is the Augustine of 9 Feb
1486/7 printed for O. Scotus, for whom he continued to work
almost exclusively till Scotus's death on Christmas Eve, 1498.
Subsequently he worked for the heirs of Scotus + others, +
his press was active throughout the 1st decade of the 16th C.

Latin epic poet - author of a long epic entitled Punica -
an account in hexameter verse to the 2nd war of the
Romans against the Cathaginians (218-201 BC) (War of Hannibal)
Punica - the longest epic in Latin literature - comprising
17 books + over 12,000 lines - it deals c the 2nd only of the
Punic wars - describes all the 6 great battles of
the war - there were 2 editiones principes (1471.)

Octavianus Scotus, a citizen of Monza (near Milan) was an enterprising
publisher. It has often been doubted whether he even had a
printing office of his own, although his name alone as printer
is to be found in a great many books. From 1486 certainly
Bonetus Locatellus was his printer, + the books which bear
Scotus' name alone are to be ascribed to Locatellus
-- Bonetus Locatellus is the printer whose name appears
most often in Venetian books towards the end of the 15th C,
c a total of 144 editions to his credit. He began printing in 1478 +
became the printer to the publishing firm of Ottaviano Scotto.

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