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S.F. Book Fair
Charles W. Treylen
Sept '76 $4.30

Chaucer's Works (1340-1400)
about 1545 - Nicholas Hill for Richard Kele - London
-1550 S.T.C. 5072 (T. Petit for Kele + others) fol.

The Legend of Good Woman - the legend of Dido. See #106 ccxiii
-Chaucer's language is late Middle English of the
South East Midland Type. Sale 1982 $1750

Richard Kele (1542-1552.)
copies - BM, Bodl. HEHL 11 1/4 x 7 3/4"

3rd collected edition
black letter, 2 columns
35, text leaves misnumbered 355.

this ed. was shared, perhaps about equally between 4 london booksellers folio

[with .1545] Robert Toye - London Works Sale 1981 1500L
3rd collected edition. Folio S.T.C. 5074.

1542 ed - 1st in which the Plowman's Tale appears - set entirely in an English blackletter
with 1545 - To this ed. different publishers' names are sometimes found in the
Clophon: William Bonham, Richard Kele, Roberte Toye, Thomas
Petit, + perhaps others, each having his own name alone as printed,
in as many copies as were his proper share. Roughly this is a
reprint of the 1542 ed, but here the
Plowman's Tale is inserted before instead
of after the Parson's Tale.

Chaucer's Works - editions
1) 1532 Thynne STC #5068
2) 1542 John Reynes
3) no date 1545 Richard Kele
4) 1561 John Kyngston # STC 5075+6
5) 1598 Thomas Speght (editor) Printed by Adam Islip # STC 5077,8,9.

Thomas Gascoigne - theologian, son + heir of Richard + Beatrix
his wife. Doctor of Divinity Oxford - 1434. Throughout his
life Gascoigne was an active preacher, vehement in his
hostility to the Wycliffite tradition + as unsparing as Wycliffe
himself of evils in the church wherever he found them.
- principal work - Dictionarium Theologicum, "Written various times
between 1434 + 1457 - its contents are mainly of a theological
or moral interest - also wrote a brief life of St. Jerome +
translated into English a life of St. Bridget of Sweden for the edification
of the sisters of Sion. This is probably the life of St. Bridget which
was printed without any author's name by Pynson in 1516.

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