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A typical book of Hours would contain -
1. A. Kalender (1 picture)
2. Passages from the Gospels on the Passion of Christ (1-3 pictures)
3. Private Prayers
4. The Hours themselves (9-13 pictures)
5. The 7 Penitential Psalms (1-2 pictures)
6. The Litary of the Saints
7. The Vigils of the Dead (1-4 pictures)
8. Seven Psalms on Christs Passion.

For 3 yrs Dupu & Vérard were the only producers of Horae,
until the printer Philippe Pigouchet entered the field.
Pigouchet, [with] his publisher Simon Vostre, produced both
the most numerous & the most typical of the 15th C.
Horae. They were dense with decoration, the line enriched
with what is known as a criblé effect: areas of black
punched with tiny dots or stars.

Livre d'Heures (French) Libro d'oro (Italian)
Stundenbuch (German) Libro de Horos (Spanish)

Ref Z999 Q 19 B. Wuartich Cat 100th anniversary
At the foot of the page a coat of arms or a device (France,
Louise of Savoy, Henri d'Albert, King of Navarre & Marguerite
his Queen, also a crowned F, a crowned L, the Salamander
or falconer's lure.

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