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p. 58 H. Carter Peter Schöffer's press at Mainz was among the first to use an See #117
English-based Schwabacher, to the Hortus sanitatis of d=d 1485.
A year later Erhard Renwich printed his Breydenbach's Peregrinationes
also at Mainz in a fount made from the same punches though
not the same matrices (the verticality of the letters is less accurate),
except that he introduced a d without a loop.

H.W. Davis Re. Z 3479P6D3f Dern of the Mainz cathedral - buried in the Chapel of Dun Lady
in the Mainz cathedral -
from 25 April 1483 to the end of Jan 1484 was occupied by
the Pilgrimage.
The Dean & his fellow pilgrims {Graf Johann von Solms Philip von Bicken}
started from Oppenheim (near Mainz) -> 15 days travel
to Venice - met to many other Pilgrims who were going
on the same journey.

- The woodcuts are the earliest authentic represaentations of the places
depicted; these are the ports usually visited by every pilgrim of the
period on his journey to Jerusalem.

- The most popular travel book in Europe up to the discovery of the New World.
- on the way they visited the principal cities of the eastern Mediterranean,
saw the Holy Land, & went on to the Montastery at St. Catherine, Mount
Sinai, Alexandria, & Cairo.
See #124 ->Apart from his journal of the pilgrimage in the Holy Land itself, Breydenbach's
remarkable work includes a closely observed description of the inhabitants,
manners & customs of Palestine, a Life of Mahomet [inserted] Mohammed [end inserted], accounts of
the Sieges of Constantinople & of Rodhos, & the alphabets of 7 of
the languages encountered including Greek, Hebrew, & Syriac.

Section De Rodie verbis obsidione - (9 leaves - 16 1/2 pages - mine is the 6th [inserted] 5th leaf from the edn of the book -not including last blank [end inserted])
followed by De captione ciuitatis ydruntine
[inserted] beginning of part ii 100b [end inserted]End of part ii, 130b; 131-145, various appendixes;
BMC 146, 147, illustrations; 148 blank.
- 5 leaves are extended (13, 17, 22, 24, & 146 in BMC copy)

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