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Aug. 75
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xpi = Christi g = ergo m = mihi
g = igitm eet = essct cu = cum
e = est g = sibi

MS leaf Italy 14th C. 9.7x13.5cm - 22 lines
[crossed out] Humanistic Text - Cursive
leaf from a classical text. [end crossed out]
Rounded Gothic book hard
of Northern Italy -
(xpi.) religious work - moral tales

471.7 441 1) The Origin + Development of a Humanistic Script - B.J. Ullman Rome 1960
Gunst Z 115 I8W3 2) The Script of Humanism - James Wardrop - Oxford 1963.
Z115 I8F3 Rare Book Coll. 3)Renaissance Handwriting - Alfred Fairbanks & Berthold Wolpe (London 1960)

Copyists of the early 15C found the standard Roman alphabet
insufficient for the expression of thought as then written.
Capital letters were only 23 in number; V served for U,
I for J, & W was not needed in a Latin book. The lower
case characters had been enlarged to 26 by the addition
of the long f & the diphthongs æ & œ.

from B.J. Ullman - Humanistic script was, then, inspired by Coluccio Salutali (1330-1406), invented
by Poggio Bracciolini, encouraged by Niccolo Niccoli (1363-1437), preferred
by the Medici of their imitators among the book collectors,
even in far off Britain, sold & promoted by canny book dealers
such as Vespasian de Bisticci (1421-1498). It was inevitable that it
should be preferred by the early Italian printers.

- The characteristics of Gothic are lateral compression, angularity,
what I have called fusion, the overlapping of rounded letters, as
in do. In a more cursive form it became the bastanda.
To these peculiarities of Gothic may be added the great increase
of abbreviations.

p 45 Carter Roman type - on whose capital letters reproduce classical inscriptional models
of whose minuscules are made to conform the capitals in their style & construction
- a roman type in one that has classical capitals & serifs at
the terminals of the straight strokes.
B.L. Ullman - humanistic script resembles Cerdingian of the 10 & 11th C. rather
than that of the 9 & 12th.

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