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Jean Reinhard (Grüninger) - place of nigin Grüninger -
today Mark-gröninger in Winterberg.
estabished at Strasbourg in 1482 after a brief stay at Bâle
active press until 1531 - 251 books - mostly illustrated. (after 1494)
- son -> Barthélémy Grüninger
died between 1531 & 33.
Alsace Catalogue p. 33

BMC Gruninger's earliest dated books - Historia Scholastica of
Petsus Comestor completed 28 Aug 1483 of Heinrich
of Ingweiler

[inserted] a member of the Sauler family [end insertedH. Brunschwig was a practising Strasburg physician, about
1450 to about 1512. The work is divided into 3 parts: the first
deals with the methods the equipemtn fo distillation; the
2nd treats of plants & their properties, while the 3rd describes
all diseases & gives directions of medication by means of
distilled liquids.

Distillieren - contributed significantly to popular knowledge
of the techniques of distilling, the medicinal use of plants &
the preparation of medical remedies. Treats the new &
developing chemistry & pharmacy at the end of the 15th C.

Des Erester buchs I -> XIIII
Des anderen buchs XV -> CXXIII
*Des II buchs CXXIIII -> CCIX

In the 1st part the entire apparatus, of the techniques of distillation
are described & illustrated. 2nd part - the plants to be used for
distillation are described in alphabetical order. The 3rd paragraph is
in many points a mere repetition of the 2nd only in different
order, as here the division is made according to the disease, of an
account of the water in question for each separate case. In
this paragraph the popular character of the book is most
clearly seen. The book is however no mere compilation; personal
experiences seen through its pages.

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