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Brunschwig, Hieronyms, ca. 1450- ca. 1512. (CXCVI)
Klevines Distillierbuch [German]

Strasburg: Johann (Reinbard) Grüninger, 1500, f* 8 May
See #263 230 illus. 30x22cm. - in Gothic letters Goff B1227
Hain 4021 - Proctor. 493 GW. 5595

Brunschwig was a physician at Strasburg around 1500. His
other works are: Anatomia, the Latin version of this book,
Chirurgia 1497, Liber pestilentialis [inserted] printed 1500 by Gruninger H. 4020 [end inserted] de veneris epidemic & Pestbuch 1500.

[inserted] p. 49 History of Printing in Britian [end inserted] Lawrence Andrews began to print in London about 1527, &
the works for which he is best known is his own translation
of the Ventuose bobe of distyllatyon by Hieronyms von (Jerome of)
Braunschweig (Brunswick). There are 2 editions both bearing a date in
April 1527 (folios)

- Gruninger appears to have used 30 different types during the 15 Century.
[inserted] Z2244 A46R5 Rare Book Collection [end inserted] Francois Ritter - Histoire de l'imprimerie alsacunine aux XVe et XVIe (4 parts)
siècles, Strasbourg, Paris, 1955. - Catalogue des Incumables

Jaillet 4 1497 - 1st edition of H. Brunschwig, Das Buch de Chirurgie - Strasburg:
J. Grüninger. This was the earliest important work on surgery in German
It has 48 woodcuts H.4017

J. Grüninger was the most prolific of Strasburg's printers. He had
begun work iin 1483 but produced no noteworthy illustrated books until
he came under the influence of Sebastian Brant. (wrote Nauenschiff -
The Ship of Fools) The result was his edition of the comedies of Terence
published in 1496 1498 Editions of Horace 1502 Virgil

Vol I BMC 19-227 numbered I-CCIX 2 col. 47 lines & headline, 232(243)x153mm
Types: 280 title; 145, title, headlines, & c.;98, title & text; 64, inscription
of wood cut, fol. LXXXVII. The headlines give the numbers of chapters & books

Johann Gruninger - earliest dated book -> Historia Scholastica of
Petrus Comerstor completed 28 Aug. 1483 of Heinrich of Ingweiler.
Biblia Germanica - 1485
Biblia Latina - 1492

Jode Voragine
Legenda Hierea - 1496
Sermones de sanctis - 1484

last -> German New Testament - 1532.

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