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July '75
Argonaut 4.50

Chaucer - 1561 Works fol. ccl xxv 1981 - $22.50
(c 1340-1400) 11 5/8 x 8 1/9"
1st printed edition of the Canterburg Tales (372 leaves)f0 - undated
probably finished in 1478 - William Caxton [inserted] 1st dated work 1477 "The Dictes & Sayings of the Philosophers [end inseted](c. 1422-1491)
2nd edition contains woodcuts
The House of Fame - written probably
between 1379 immediately after Chaucer's 2nd trip to Italy & 1384.
[Thynne's edition & additional poems appended by John Stow]
KC 1561 C4 f Chancer, Geoffrey d 1400 Works 1561 Stow
compiled by Jhon Lidgate, Monk of Berio
imprinted at London, by Jhon Kyngston [inserted] Printer 1553-84 (Kingston) [end inserted] fn (bookseller)
Jhon Wight, dwelling in Poules Churchyard (10 + 378 keeles)
edited by John Stow |S.T.C. 5075| 32 cm
I. Lydgate, John 1370?-1451? Siege of Thebes (20.5x30.2cm)
II Stow, John 1525?-1604 ed. - originally a taylor but after 1560 became a full time antiquarian & book collector.
"The workes of G. Chaucer nerlic printed, with diners addicions,
whiche were never in print before: with the siege & distraction
of the worthy citee of Thebes, compiled by Jhon Lidgate -
ownke of Berie."

The [inserted] STC #5072 [end inserted] 2nd issue of the 4th collected ed. but the 1st to be ed. by J. Stow & the 1st ed of his 1st publication
Miss Eleann Prescott Hammond - Chaucer, A Bibliographical Manuel
N.Y. 1908 - early editions listed & described pp 114 ff, 202 ff,
350, 395

J.E. Wells, A Manual of the Writings in Middle English
New Haven 1916
John Lydgate - outstanding poet of 15th C. England,
monk of the Bendictine Abbey of Bury St. Edmunds.
The Book of Charles II. London. printed by this Maties Printers - called the
"Sealed Book" of the Tower of London & the lact revision made by authority
#29-1662 Black Letter large paper edition Paper 8 5/8 x 14"
#30-1662 London-John Bill & Christopher Backer Black letter Paper 9 5/8 x 15"

Philadelphia 1789 Oct. - revision for use of the Protestant
Episcopal Church in the USA
Francis F. Proctor & Frere WA - A History of the Book of Common Prayer NY 1901

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