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July '75
Argonaut 2.50
Huntington #114284

The 1st single manuel of worship in a
Vernacular language directed to be used
universally by & common To, both priest & people
A source of spiritual
inspiration in England 2nd only To the Bible.
Huntington #114284 h6 Book of Common Prayer - 1662
- London
The English Bible -F. F. Bruce P 81-82 [inserted] Edward VI [end inserted] 1549 - publication [inserted] by Grafton + Whitchurch. h6. [end inserted] of the 1st English edition of The Books of
the common prayer + Administration of the Sacraments, +
Other Rite + Ceremonies of the Churche after the Use of
the Church of England". The English Prayer Book (based
essentially on the old use of Sarum is as much Cranmer's
(The Great Bible 1539 from the 2nd edition onwards is sometime called
"Cranmer's Bible" [inserted] became Archbishop of Canterbury in 1533 [end inserted] because of the preface which he wrote for it)
legacy as the English Bible is Tyndale's. A 2nd edition of the Prayer
Book followed in 1552. Henceforth (apart from the 5 yrs of Mary
Tudor's [inserted] (executed) [end inserted] reign ) the English people were to hear their churhc
services in their own language. In the 1st year of Edward Y1 a
Thomas Cranmer (1489-1556) royal injunction laid it down that the Epistle + Gospel in the
Communion Service should be read in English. The whole
Psalter was to be gone through each month; the Great Bible
version of the Psalms, 1st used for this purpose in 1549,
was printed in 1662 Book of Common Prayers + has been
retained ever since.
- D. E. W. Hanison, The Book of Common Prayer (London 1946)
Ireland - 1st printer - Humphrey Powell - Dublin - 1st of his
printing that we know is "The Boke of the common praier"
which bears the date 1551.
see p. 180 Whitsunday - the 7th Sunday after Easter, celebrated as a festival in
commemoration of the descent of the Holy Spirit [inserted] upon the Apostles [end inserted] on the day of
Pentecost. white Sunday, from the White (Baptismal) robes worn on
That day In the Jewish religion Pentacost occurs 50 days after Passover +
commemorates the end of the wheat harvest season in Palestine.
1) Z7813
B 65
2) Stanford (Bender)
016.264 B478
The Savoy Conference + the Canoline Revision 1661-2 - when the
royal commission, presided over by Archbishop Cranmer, prepared the Prayer Book
in 1549 + revised it in 1552, Cardinal Quiynon's Breviary (1535) + the Brandenburg -
Nuremberg Kinchenorchnung, among other works were largely consulted.
#28 - 1662 Black letter Page 5 3/8 x 10 paper 7 1/8 x 11 1/2" Editio princeps of the
present English Book of Common Prayer being the same as the -

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