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First press set up in the Colonies - Cambridge, Mass.
Stephen Daye
active from 1638-92

Eliota Indian Biblio
Bay Psalm Book

Robert Aitken came from his native Dalkeith in Scotland
to settle in Philadelphia (1769)
-began publication of "The Pennsylvania Magazine"
-learned book binding in Edinburgh
-became a printer in 1774
to which Thomas Paine often contributed
-publication of the "Journals of Congress"
3 doors above the Coffee House in Market St.,
a sign the Pope's Head
Jan 21, 1781 he had presented to Congress a
petition announcing his determination
leaves are of paper made in Pennsylvania
The brevier [inserted] 20 lines = 54mm [end inserted] type employed is the same he
used in the publication of 4 editions of the New Test.

The edition of
the King James
Bible published by
Aitken in 1982
was generally in 2
volumes, though a
few copies were
issued in a single

The English Bible - F.F. Bruce p. 111 Like its predecessors the A.V. included a translation of the
Apocrypha. The Puritan party, however, & those who took their
guidance from Geneva rather than from Canterbury, disapproved of
the inclusion of the Apocrypha in the Bible at all.
It is not without significance that the 1st English Bible
printed in America (1782-3) omitted the Apocrypha.
1st Bible printed in America - John Eliots Algonquin version
published at Cambridge, Mass. - The N.T. in 1661 - O.T. in 1613
1st Bible printed in a European language in America was a
German Bible published at Germantown, Pa. in 1743; it
did include the Apocrypha.

Old Testament translations from the Hebrew into other languages - "versions"
the Septuagint (Fark), the Tangums (Aramaic) the Beshitta
(Syriac) the Old Latin, the Coptic & the Vulgate (Jerome's
Latin translation)
Prior to the discovery the Qumran scholar our direct knowledge of the Hebrew
Old Testament was limited largely to the test of Rabbinic Judaism, which is
known as the Massoretic Text ("traditional") Pentateuch (Torah)

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