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Coverdale's Bible 1539 edition painted in England by James
Nicholson (folio) 1st edition of the whole English Bible
to be printed in England
1st translation of the Bible as a whole into English was made
by the follow as of John Wyclif around 1380-3.
Tyndale New Testament issued by Peter Schoeffer of
Worms in 1525 n 6.
1st English Bible was to be published 1535 Miles Coverdale
(?) printed at Cologne or Marburg by Cervicorn + Soter.
Matthew Bible printer Matthew Crom of Antwep
text made [illegible] the work of Tyndale + Coverdale
edited by John Rogers
Great Bible 1539 sponsored by Cromwell
Bishops' Bible printed by Richard Jugge 1568 black letter
also printed the 1st book on Obstetrics in English
"The birth of mankynde, other wise named the womans
booke" by the physician Thomas Raynalde (1540)
Geneva Bible quarto 1st English Bible to be printed
in Roman type rather then black letter.
division of the Scripture into verses
Gutenberg Bible Vulgate Translation 290 different characters
Bender Rare Bibles Rumball-Petre 29990 R93 1954 (a listing)

The Septuagint ([inserted] called [end insterted] in Latin) the new Greek Scriptures
derives its fame from Aristeas's [inserted] of Alexandria [end inserted] romantic story
after his fictional 22 scholars 'The Seventy'
[inserted] The Septuagent [end inserted] the 1st Greek Translation of the Old Testament (from Hebrew)
1st part of New Testament to be written Paul's Epistle to the
Theodosians written in AD 51 about 18 yrs after Jesus's death.
Aramaic (the language of the Persian empire) "targums
5th C Bible translated into Armenian + in the [?loth?] Arabic
All fragments from before the Time of St. Jerome + his
Vulgate [inserted] "the book of the people" [end inserted] translation are called Vetus Latina
commisioned in 382 by Pope Damasus
became the basis of all Bible studies in The Middle Ages
1546 Council of Trent declared it to be the authorized Bible of [insterted] the Catholic Church [end inserted]

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