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Words supplied in the text were
printed in roman letter, as were the chapter
summaries & running heads. Marginal readings in italics

655.1 H23 P.M. Handover - Printing in London 1960
-Cornelius Bod engraved the title page (in the 1st folio
edition of King Jame's Bible (plate size 13 3/4 x 8 7/8")
Printer - Robert Barker - black letter
Wicked Bible appeared in 1631 not omitted from the
7th Commandment.
Bishop's Bible - printed by Christopher Barker I (died 1589) 1584
(plate size 10 x 5 3/4") - engraved frontspiece
1st edition 1568 - and 1572
current edition of Authorized Version 3 imprints - the
King's or Queen's Printer, or either of the Univ. Presses
at Oxford & Cambridge - "The Bible Patent"
under Henry VII - 1st known King's Printer -> William Faques
Henry VII - Richard Pynson"

King James Bible - ranks [with] the collected works of Shakespeare as one of the greatest legacies of the English Renaissance.

(Santa Clara) 655.142 C58 Colin Clain A History of Printing in Britain - 1966

The test of the 1611 Bible is a great primer black letter [with] chapter
headings & marginal notes in roman & the alternative readings in italic
There are 3 issues assigned to the year 1611 The 1st quarto
edition was printed in roman in 1612.
- contains 794,946 words -
Moule, Horace Frederick - revised edition 1968 Bender Z7771 ESH47
James I 1566-1625 (reigned 1603-25); as James VI of Scotland
reigned 1567-1625; only child of Mary Queen of Scots. Invited to
suceed Elizabeth in 1603 as James I, he thereafter schemed to
play off Catholic vs Protestant; presiding at the Hampton Court
Conference (1604), he displaced the Puritans [with] a religious policy
that produced the Authorized (King James) Version of the Bible (1601)

The best & last of our folio Black Letter Bibles was of 1640 p. 92-Carter
T.H. Darlows H.F. Mowle, Historical Catalogue of the Printed
Edition of Holy Scripture, vol. 1 (1903), No. 421
1611 2 issues seem to have been published that year - the printing possible
having been done in 2 shops ("He + She")

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