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the family of Barker held the patent to print Bibles from 1579-1709.
Darlow + #309 Moule #(240) - King James Bible - 1611 [inserted] text printed is double column, 59 lines each whole printed page enclosed within rules the book measures about 17"x10 1/4" [end inserted] Kkk2 A.
(1570-1645) - Robert Barker the King's Printer - 1640 [inserted] #543 AS. Herbert STC 2339 [end inserted] [inserted] copy NYPL, Mass historical Society [end inserted]B.
A. Old Testament - Proverbs Chapt. 22-14 -> Chapt. 24-29
B. New Testament - To The Hebrews #543 AS Herbert
R. Barker & The Assigned of J. Bill Chapt. 8-1 Chapt. 10-11

C.C. Butterworth estimates the amount of material from earlier editions
incorporated in the King James version
Wycliffe versions including English Sermons - 4%
Tyndales work, including the Matthew Bible - 18%
Covendales' work including Great Bibles - 13%
Geneva Bible & Geneva New Testament - 14%
Bishop's Bible & its revision - 4%
All other versions before 1611 - 3%
King James Bible new matrid - 61% 54%
The Literary Lineage of the King James Bible Philadelphia 1941

Santa Clara 220.6 B88 Stanford 220.52 Bruce, F.F. The English Bible N.Y. 1961
Daiches, David The King James Version of the English Bible Chicago 1941
Edgar, Andrew The Bibles of England London 1884
Greenslade, S.Z. The Cambridge History of the Bible 1963
Stacks 220.52 I 535m - Mozley, John F. Coverdale & His Bibles London 1953
Westcott, Brooket. A formal View of the History of the English Bible
3rd ed. revised by Willian A. Wright NY 1927
Willoughby, Edwin F. The Making of the King James Bible
Los Angeles 1956

Number of editions of various English Bibles published from
1560 to 1611 when the King James version was published
Tyndale's New Testament 5
(1539) Great Bible 7
Bishops' Bible 22
the version used by Shakespeare - (1560) Geneva Bible over 120 over 60 after
the Authorized Version

At the Hampton Court Conference in
1604, King James is reported to have given orders for the
Authorized Version that reflected adversely upon the Geneva Bible
(marginal notes)

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