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$2.00 April 15
John Howell

The Bible of the Revolution - 1782, Philadelphia.
Imprinted by Robert Aitken
King James Version. Printed by Robert Aitken, Printer
Of Journals of Congress + a Reputable Bookseller
"Importation of Bible from England having ceased
owing to the war, and the demand for Bibles being
great, Aitken urged Congress, without success, To finance
the undertaking, but was compelled to do the work at
his own expense, losing money thereby. Today, fewer
copies of this Bible are known To be in existence than
the Gutenberg Bible, The world's highest priced and first
printed book." 4 edition Evans 17473, O'Callaghan p.31)
[In the left hand side margin] The 1st edition even printed in Americal in the English Language
New 1781,1777,1778,1779 - 4 editions a duodecimo - without pagination [1499]p.
Old Testament Isaiah

Chapt. 44 - 26 - Chapt. 46 - 11
Sept. 3 1783 - Definitive Treaty of Peace between Great Britian & US signed
[Left hand side margin] Benden Z7770 R93 1954 a list of important Bibles
at Paris. War of Independence (1775-1983)
Bibles 1) Rumball - Peter, E. A. R. America's first Bibles, to a census
of 555 extant Bibles. Protland, Mc., Southworth - Anthoensen
Press, 1940 184 p. illus.
220.5 S592 2) Simms, P. Marion The Bible in America N.Y. 1936
(Stanford) John Eliot's Indian Bible - 1st Bible printed in America (Algonquim tongue) 1663
Not only was the Geneva Bible popular in England + Scotland but also it
was the favored Bible of Plymouth + Virginia settlements in America. It's
highly probable that the Geneva Bible was 1st brought to America in 1607 +
used in the Jamestown settlement. The Pilgrims brought the Geneva
Bible with them on the Mayflower to Plymouth in 1620. (J. Howell)
Robert, Dearden - An original leaf Z 239 G 72 D 28 (Bender)
Bishop's bible was the 1st in English brought to America
3rd - King James (1611)
- According to an incomplete census made in 1940 over 75 copies have been
listed as extant today.
- earliest Bible in a European language was a quarto in German printed in Germantown
Pa, in 1743 by Christoph Saur. (1200 copies) See #450

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