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Paganinus de Paganinus : Venetiis
1st edition of the Latin Bible in
which catch words were used
H 3174
Paganini's Bible 1495

Hamberg Polyglot 1596
Adams # 973. Hamburgi: Jacobus Lusius Juni folio
This triglot contains the Bible in the following versions:
(1) Greek Septuagint, (2) Vulgate Latin, (3) Pagninus Latin
(O.J.) Beza's Latin (N.J.) and Luther's
German. They are arranged in 4 columns & the
order is reversed on the verso of the leaf
a quarto printed by Du Ry of Lyons). (Darlow & Moule 1425)
Old Testament Ezra
Chapt. 2-53 - Chapt. 3-5
The 7 parts are bound in 3 volumes p. 343
Of the 4 great polyglot Bibles printed during the 16 & 17 centuries,
one was printed in England, The Biblia Sacra Polyglotta in
6 volumes, edited by Brian Walton & published between 1633 &
1659. Walton's Bible was printed by Thomas Roycroft.
founts employed (Hebrew, Latin, Greek, Aramaic, Syriac,
Samaritan, Ethiopic, Arabic, or Persian)

The 1st great Polyglot Bible was the Complutensian Bible
of Cardinal Francisco Ximenez de Cisneros, printed at Alcala
de Henares 1514-17. The Latin Vulgate printed in the
center of the page with the Septuagint on the left & the
Hebrew text on the right, & the Targums of Onquelos & its
Latin translation in the lower margin.

#124 Basil Hall - Book Club of California - The Great Polyglot Bibles
Biblia Regia 8 vol. printed in 5 languages - 1572 - Hebrew, Greek,
Aramaic, Latin & Syriac - Christophe Plantin - commissioned
by Philip II of Spain.

Hamburg Polyglot
Printed title - Sacr. Biblium Quadrilingum Tomus Secundus
The mark t on the text of Pagninus version signifies the beginning
of a page the number of which is indicated in the extreme margin
in tom. 1 in the Hebrew O.T. of 1587 which was reissued together
with this Triglot.

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