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Gart der Gesundheit 10 May 1499 f [inserted]"court printer" J. Schonsperger - elder (1481-1523) - younger [inserted] Hans 1514 (not important as printer) [end inserted]
Augsburg 1508 - Hanns Otmar Muther #975 3rd press for Johann Reynmann [end inserted]
[inserted] worked 1481-1520 [end inserted] Augsburg, Schonsperger elder (Johann) - 23 Nov, 1502 * f0 [inserted] f pp(260) [end inserted]
H. 8956 Klebs (Gart) 15 copy Klebs 507.13
Goff G107 copus *a) Huntington p. 26 Harvard (Nissen 2276.) [inserted] Choulant p61 #13 Pritzel #10831 [end inserted]
Schreiber 4344 b) Univ of Kansas, School of Medicine 39th St + Rainbow Blvd 66103

Tubingen [inserted] Otmar - 1502 we find him in Augsburg where he died in 1513. [end inserted] 1498 - 1501 2 columns 39 lines 255 leaves 262 " see [inserted] Hess, G. Bookseller Munich [end inserted]

Cat. Brit M p 365 1) (Gart) Hortus Sanitelis (in German)
Schonsperger p 366 22 Aug 1485 H8949 370 Leaves Type 120 226 X 151-2 mm
p 366 2) " " 15 Dec 1488 262 leaves 42 lines
204 X 130 mm H 8953

Types 140 Title + headings ; 96 text

p 363 Gart type * (105) used from 1495 onwards in
conjunction with type 150 - indistinguishable from
Schaur (2nd press) 104 + Zeissenmair 105, except
that this last has a smaller smooth [illegible] in addition
to the dentated [illegible] with upper serif overhang used by

Goff G 106 May 1496 f H8955 Klebs [inserted] Incunabula scientifica et medica, Bruges, 1938. [end inserted] 507:12
copies - *Cornell Univ. Libraries Ithaca, NY
* Metropolitan Museum of Art, Dept of Prints, NYC

Richard Bankes published the 1st book printed in England to any
pretensions to be called a herbal. An anonymous quarto volume dated
1525, the book generally known as Bankes Herbal is thought to
be an abridgment of some medieval English manuscripts on herbs.
Its popularity was such that many editions subsequently appeared
from different presses, published under a variety of titles.
Johann Schonsperger - 1st extant book is a German Regimen
sanitatis, printed on 1 Sept 1481 - he continued printing
into the 16th c. (1520) Schonsperger's earliest types have
immistakably been influenced by Johann Baemler in whose
office Schonsperger may have been trained as a printer.

Type 98 Latin text typ in use in
1497. Of the same class as Sorg 94 but
differing in many forms . Tail of h level with line.
The C of 105 is found with this type in 1A.

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