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Fol I Von sant Ambrosio Dec 7
(174) CLXXII - end of Sumateyls - S. Wendel Oct 21
*(175) CLXXIII - begins Wintterteyl - St. Michel Sept 29
(387) CCCLXXXV - ends with - S. Eufrosina Feb 11
" the democracy of the intellect
comes from the printed book"
Word Incunabula first used in connection with printing by
Bernard von Malincrodt (1591 - 1664), dean of Munster Cathedral,
in his book De ortus et progressu artis typographicae, Cologne:
apud. I Kinchium, 1639. He contributed this tract to the celebration
of the 2nd centenary of Gutenberg's invention. He describes the
period from Gutenberg to 1500 as : Prima Typographiae Incunabula
= the Time when Typography was in its swaddling clothes.
- incunabula period - encompasses a vital period of experimentation
with local scripts , all remnants of the later Middle Ages.

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