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[*Brit Army
22nd Dragoons

11th July, 1958.

D.J. Robertson, Esq.,
46, Willow Hey,
nr. Liverpool,

Dear Mr. Robertson,

I felt that I should personally write to thank you for the
wonderful contribution which you have made in the preparation of the
D-Day book which I am writing.

Your questionnaire was so complete that I did not think it would
be necessary to ask you to come to London for interview. The account
which you gave was precisely the sort of thing that I was searching for
and I feel confident that I will be able to use extracts from this as
I am writing the book.

As you must well appreciate, we are dealing with several thousand
people, and in the book's final edited form we shall probably be lucky
if we can do more than give each participant a few lines. It is the sum
total, however, of all these accounts which I hope will give the book its
accuracy and unbiased presentation.

I have one more request to make of you. In order to extract some
material from your questionnaire, I will need your signature to the attached
release. A stamped and addressed envelope is attached for your use.

It may well be a year before the manuscript is published in The
Reader's Digest, but at that time we will duly send you a copy of the issue
with the story "The Longest Day".

Yours sincerely,

(Cornelius J. Ryan)

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