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Lucius P. Chase
315 Ridge Way
Kohler, Wisconsin

August 19, 1958

Miss Frances Ward,
Research Department,
Reader's Digest,
230 Park Avenue,
New York 17, N. Y.

Dear Miss Ward:

Your letter of August 5 enclosing a release was
brought to my attention upon my return to the office

I shall be happy to cooperate fully with Mr. Ryan,
but the form of release you submitted seems to be much
broader than the circumstances warrant. I claim no
rights to the material I submitted, whether printed or
used in dramatic representation, and I have no objection
to Mr. Ryan's using it with or without acknowledgment.
However, I feel that I should reserve judgment regarding
direct quotes and personal references until I can talk
with Mr. Ryan.

Quite frankly, my own feeling about my participa-
tion in D-Day is that I had a job to do and I worked at
it to the best of my ability. Any personal references
out of character with this, either commendatory or other-
wise, would be embarrassing to me.

I hope you and Mr. Ryan will understand my position,
as I do not want to be uncooperative.

Lucius P. Chase


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