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August 5, 1958

Colonel Lucius P. Chase
315 Ridge Way
Kohler, Wisconsin

Dear Colonel Chase:

Thank you very much indeed for your letter of
August 1st, and for the questionnaire and your observations
on "The Invasion of Europe" which accompanied it. I know
that Mr. Ryan will be genuinely delimited to find your material
when he returns this week from work on the book in Europe.

His first concern, however, will be for some under-
standing with you concerning the use of your material, and
so I should be grateful if you would sign the enclosed release
and return it to me as soon as possible. This will protect
everyone concerned if your story appears in the final manu-
script. If we may have this go-ahead from you, Mr. Ryan
will be able to use your material before he begins his inter-
views of veterans in this country.

Since our deadline for research is the first of
September, most of the interviews in the United States will
be done this month. I hope that Mr. Ryan will be able to
get up to Wisconsin, and that if he does you will be able
to find a mutually satisfactory time for a meeting. With
that hope, I thank you again for all the help which you
have already given us, and I look forward to receiving the
signed release from you, if you are willing to have us go
ahead with your work.

Very truly yours,

Frances Ward

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