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Were You There on 6 June 1944?

A history of D-Day, Sixth of June, 1944, is being prepared by
Cornelius Ryan for publication in the READER'S DIGEST and in
book form to mark the fifteenth anniversary of the event in 1959.
Army, Airborne, Rangers, Navy, Coast Guard, and Air Force per-
sonnel who participated in the operation during the 24 hours be-
ginning midnight the Fifth of June, 1944, are asked to write to

Miss Frances Ward
230 Park Ave., New York, N.Y.

Prospective personal interviews of selected individuals will be
based upon letters received.

Yes! Was Assistant Adjutant, HQ
365th Fighter Group, located at Beaulieu,
Hampshire, England - just inside the
Isle of Wight. Have saved copies of
the official histories of the 365th
Fighter Group (IX TAC), 386th, 387th &
388th Squadrons if you need any
info on those very active outfits!

P. O. Box 178
Randolph AFB

Lt Col, USAF
Deputy Director, Accounting
and Finance
HQ, Air Training Command.

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