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D-Day Book
1st Div
Conn 2
[illegible] interview
Box 12
Release to PG
Co. E 16th Inf 1st wave
Easy Green to Easy Red

Lt Duckworth Story

Threatened to shoot
LCVP Coxswain if
he didn't correct course to come in to right sector

Saw medical troops puring down ramps
of LCT directly into mg fire trained on the ramp

"The landing still gives me the horrors.
Where was the 2,000 tons of general coverage scheduled
by the 8th AF for the beach actually delivered ?
What happened to the pinpoint coverage

The only way we got [inserted]out of the water &[end inserted] off the beaches was
due to the battle smoke that developed --enough
to obscure us to mgrs on the bluffs

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