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May 9, 1958

Dear Major Woodward:

A book about D-Day, June 6, 1944, is being prepared by Cornelius Ryan
for publication in The Reader's Digest in book form on the 15th anniversary
of the Normandy invasion in the spring of 1959. It is being written with the
complete cooperation and assistance of the Department of the Army and the
Department of Defense. This will not be another strategic history of inva-
sion day, but a story of the twenty-four hours of D-Day as people lived them
and remembered them. For this, we can only go to the men who were there and,
if they are willing, invade their memories. Having learned from the Depart-
ment of the Army, of the part which you played in the invasion, we hope very
much that you'll be interested in the project and will be willing to help us.

Mr. Ryan is presently in Europe trying to get the project under way
there. He will be back in this country very shortly, and during the late
spring and early summer of this year, both in this country and in Europe, he
will be interviewing many of the people who agree to contribute to the book.
Very probably, he will wish to talk with you during that period, if you are
willing and able to see him. In the meantime, since we are literally dealing
with hundreds of people, we are finding it necessary to keep an individual
file on each person who agrees to help us. Therefore we hope that if you are
willing to help with the book, you will complete the enclosed record and re-
turn it to me at your earliest convenience. We truly believe that these ques-
tions will serve you as well as us, if they can help to crystallize some hazy
memories and do indicate the sort of information which we are seeking.

In Mr. Ryan's absence, I should be most grateful to know as soon as pos-
sible when and if you will be available for interview during the next two or
three months. We will look forward very eagerly to your reply. We want very
much to tell your story and the story of your unit, and in order to do that
we need you. Thank you so very much for any help which you can give us.

Sincerely yours,
Frances Ward
Frances Ward
Research Department

Major Robert W. Woodward, 0389219
Hatherly Road
Rockland, Massachusetts

I shall be available for interview for the next
few months

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