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13. 2 o/m
The Temperance cause increases rapidly, the number who sign the Pledge are daily added, the meetings of the Reformed are large, & conducted quietly, every one who feels desirous of addressing the can do it with freedm, and is listened to with as much attention as though he had always refrained from drunkeness, some of them are good speakers.

The three great immoral practices which has ruined many among us on this Island, are nearly abolished Intemperance, Slavery or the belief against it, the Spirit of war. The abolishment of these three Primary Evils, it leads to peace and quietness it is a discouragement to all other vices. We hardly hear an Oath in our Streets or any where else.
Those who were in the practice of clubing [CLUBBING] together in the evening, and drinking, Swairing [SWEARING], Quarreling, [SLANDERING?], Gameing [GAMING], and foolish jesting. Now when they meet they talk about meeting, &c [ETCETERA] &c [ETCETERA] all tending to good, and encouraging each other in strict Piety.

This morning a thick Snow storm, wind NE but moderate Snow several inches deep. After morning the wind increased to Gale. It continued snowing until night which proved the greatest Snowfall for the season.
At night the Cold increased and looks like Winter.
Quite pleasant in the forenoon, the weather wise is generally calculated for a moderate spell. But how frail is man! In the afternoon a snow storm, and such an one we have not had this winter, it came down thick & fast, toward night the wind increased to a hard snowstorm. In the night the wind changed to NW and blew very hard, & became very Cold.
Very Cold, much snow, Sleighs flying. Great banks of Snow in many places.

23d 2 o/m
Phillip Macy son of Thomas was married this evening to Susan Wilson. She is sister to Eben Allen's wife, came from Rhode island.

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What do they do between quarreling and gameing?