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11th 2m/o
The business of the place has become quite distressing Eeling, Fishing, Clamming, it does not afford a living.
The cries of the Poor, for want of labour, that it has become alarming, so that a Soup house is established in Peter Macy's Candle House. This day they have made a beginning with 150 lb [POUNDS] of Beef.
The intention is to furnish the poor daily with soup free of expence, and others how [WHO] wants to buy when they have it to share. It is an instalation [INSTALLATION] likely to do much good in these close times.
The Soup business is kept up, very much to the satisfaction of the people generally, as well as the Poor.

A religious meeting is established, at present it is held in Thomas Macy's Franklin Hall. It is upon a different plan from any one that is now held, or that ever was held. I think it is called Free Union Meeting. It is altogehter free for people of persuasions to attend. And as they feel a freedom to address the meeting in the line of the Ministry, or by way of exhortation or if any one feels it right to appear in supplication they may do it with freedom. There is no settled Minister and no one is considered a head of another, but freedom and equality is all the rules they mean to be governed by. The meetings are held weekly on 3rd Evening. It appears to give animation and satisfaction to all, and appears likely to be a useful establishment for all, but more particularly to the reformed inebriate, the [THEY] can attend without an expence of clothing or any thing that they would be subjected at other Meetings.

19th 2m/o
The business of furnishing the Poor with Soup continues, and succeed quite to the expectation of all. They are in the Practice of making daily 3 or 400 Gallons, which supplies the calls of the Poor, & also to those who wish to buy. They kept the run of those who were furnished in one day Viz
209 families, 1012 persons of the needy
Which Cost 15 $
Which includes 10 $ worth

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