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31st 1m/o
The weather continues remarkably mild for Winter. 2 months of Winter is now past. The oldest folks among says they have no recollection of any winter when the there has been so long a spell of mild wather as this winter. Very little Ice, & no Snow of 2 Inches deep one half the time no frost, & the weather very changeable.

3rd 2m/o
Sudden change in the weather, in the after it was Cold and appeared likely for a very Cold spell in the evening the Thr. [THERMOMETER] down 11 at midnight it was down to 5 and blowed a Gale at NW in the morning it arose 10 or 12.
Which was by far the coldest we have had this year.
Cold & Chilly, likely to be a storm
This morning wind South East, at 10 o'clock it began to Snow, and continued the remainder of the day, the Snow as 5 or 6 Inches deep. It was by far the greatest Snow storm of this Winter. Although the weather has been very mild, yet there is time enough for a Cold Winter.

In a preceding page it is noticed that a Millerite predicts that the World will be destroyed in the 4m/o next, he has traveled about in various parts of the country preaching up that doctrine and has gained many followers.
The excitement in this place has become very great and distressing; in many families. Many are led to believe it. Many others are fearful, but the greater number has no belief about it. The news papers are employed, by individuals, both for and against the opinion promulgated. It has become a subject of most people to talk about.

6th 2m/o
The weather has become not unlike an old fashion winter. This morning a strong wind at West and then at N.W. and every where it wore the of Winter. The ground mostly covered with Ice and Snow, and strong wind at N.W.
Very bad walking in Streets, Slipping with Ice Froze over, with white Ice.
Bad walking in the Streets

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