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Ship Lima outward bound Capt. Cash 6m/os [MONTHS] out met with a terribale Gale which wreckt the Ship very lost all his Boats, the most of his Spars, & swept his decks, &c &c. One man Asa Gardner, washed overboard & lost, Ship returned to Riojuniaria [RIO DE JANEIRO]. Probably will be condemned.
Information is received that She is condemned.

There seems to be much commotion & excitement among the people of this place. There is a man by the name of Miller, that has for many months been travelling through the country, delivering lectures on the subject of the World coming to an end.
One of his party is now here, drawing the people together every evening, and using all the means in his power to make them believe, that the World will come to an end, at or about the 23rd of 4m/o [MONTH] next many so far believes it takes deep hold of them and causes in many instances deep distress.
He carries his views to the greatest length, and says he knows it will come, and advises the people to prepare for it. The good part of the community or Saints are to be taken up to heaven, so as to out of harms way &c &c

16th 1m/o 1843
The Millerites went to-day in the Old Boat.

To day there is a change in the weather it is now very pleasant.
For one week back the weather has been remarkable on second accounts, considering it is Winter.
It has been wet every day more or less, & very thick and the weather very warm, more like spring than winter, so little wind it difficult to determine which way, some days the Vane would go to every point of 2 or 3 times in the course of the day, & near Calm every day. Vessels could neither go nor come.
We have had very little Snow.

Winter is now half gone & very moderate on the whole. When in the State of Main [MAINE] extream [EXTREME] Cold
Thurm. [THERMOMETER] down to 20 below Zero.
And westward there is so much Snow that it is difficult to pass with the Mail.

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