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3d 10 o/m
In the forenoon a Moderate easterly wind but every appearance of a storm, at 10 o'clock AM it began to rain, and the wind increased to a storm in the afternoon it was a hard rain storm with the wind at NE. In the evening & the night following it was the most Tremendous gale of wind accompanied with the most powerful rain that we have known for many years.
The damages sustain by this Gale were more extensive and disastrous than we have known for 20 years or more. Many people say it was a harder than ever was known on the Island. The damages are but partially ascertained, some of which may be named that have come to our knowledge.
The Commercial Wharf is broke in many places 10,000 $ will hardly repair it in good order.
The Old South Wharf much damaged an [AND] broke away
Straight Wharf considerably damaged.
Old North much damaged & broke away.
New North still more damge & come to pieces
Barker & Athearn's Wharf & Rope walk pretty much all broken up.
Some other buildings on that shore very much damaged. Ship Planter high on the Beach to the southward of the Wharves.
Ship Rose went from the Wharf damages not ascertained, the tide ebbs & flows in her. She was already to leave Port.
Several other vessels broke away & received more or less damage.
The flowed over all the Wharves to a considerable depth, & swept every thing away that would float.
The damages sustained in town altho [ALTHOUGH] not very disasterous yet the expence to repair them would cost a large ammount [AMOUNT], the most of the Walks on the houses are blown down. Some of the Chimneys are blown down level with the [RANGHYT?]. The fences are innumerable that have blown down. Issac Myrick's Rope the most of it is blown down. Many trees in various parts of the town are laid flat. We have not received much damage except our fences in many places are blown down.

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Missing word? What happened to the chimney?