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The weather is remarkable cold for the season of the year, Thermr. [THERMOMETER] this morning Every where covered with Snow and Ice and very slippery. Not only like winter but hard winter, & now looks likely for another snow storm. The Candle houses have all stopped slacking pressing [???] on account of the frost. All out door business is at a stand on acct. of the Snow & frost.

Stormy. Hard Gale with a flood of rain all day which prevented the Steam Boat from going.

Still rainy, wind NE. We have about one day in a week that is gnerally called pleasant.

The late Gales has produced some disasters to the Vessels abroad.
A Whale Ship ashore on Montogg [MONTAUK] point the East end of Long Island.
A Schr. [SCHOONER] with lumber bilged on the Bar. Also Ship Christopher Mitchell lodged on the Bar, leaks badly.

To prevent our Chimny [CHIMNEY] from smoking and to increase the draft, we have had Chs. [CHARLES] Capen to build Pots over the Smokes.

Ship Forrester [FORESTER] of Dartmouth, Obed Ray of this place Master, from Pacific Ocean, with 1800 bars. [BARRELS] Sperm Oil, went ahsore on 17th 4m/o 1841 in the evening, about 8 miles west of Montauk light, and bliged. The Ship has gone to pieces. About 800 bars. [BARRELS] of Oil drifted ashore & bee [BEEN] saved. Part of the Crew belonging here arrived here yesterday 23rd. Capt. [CAPTAIN] Chs. [CHARLES] Ray, & many of the people belonged at this place.

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Missing word? I have no idea what the frost prevented them doing in the candle houses.
The captain of the Forester was Charles Ray (Obed was his father). Obed got it right the second time.