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1839. 12th. 7 o/m. When we drew near to the building, we heard the rumbling noise of the Machinery, we then viewed the inside of the building, where we found about 36 females, and 4 or 5 males, all at work on the various parts of the work, preparing the raw silk, in order to convert it into sewing silk. The girls all appeared bright & clean, and very active in the parts they were engaged in. The whole was very interesting, and the greatest curiosity I ever beheld of the kind.

I judged from the appearance, that the whole did not cost much less than 20000$. It is generally believed that it will prove a profitable business.

21.7. Wind at SW with some rain, which was very acceptable, as it had been dry for some time. The weather of late has been uncommonly warm more like Dog days than else

2nd. Muggy & foggy - very seasonable. Our markets full of vegetables, such as turneps [TURNIPS] potatoes, Beans, Pease [PEAS], Squashes, Cucumbers.

The country papers gives very flattering prospects of great crops of every kind of country produce. Much damage has been sustained in various parts of the country by lightening, Barns burnt, houses much damaged. Fields of Wheat &c totally spoiled, Hogs, Cows, Sheep & Horses, & some persons. Hail stones from two to seven inches in circumference.

29.7 The weather has been very warm of later, and something dry. A heavy rain would be acceptable.

28. A Jew by the name of Levy belonging to St. Augustine Florida, called at our house to inform us about Hezekiah Pinkham who lives there, he is brother to my wife.

30. Henry C. Wright called to see us, he thinks of leaving tomorrow for Cotuit.

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Finally I have got Dog days! But not sure about following words - "than else" (last letter looks more like an m to me) if anyone can have a look.