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At length the number 10 was Voted.
It was then moved to add 5 to the number
and for the Moderator to name them.

The names of the Committee here follows,
Aaron Mitchell, John H Shaw, Matthew Crosby,
David Joy   Thomas Macy, Philip H Folger,
Barker Burnall [BURNELL], Saml. [Samuel] B Tuck, Barzi [BARZILLAI] Burdit [BURDETT],
Geo. [George] Haden Starbuk [STARBUCK], Chs. [Charles] Wood, Wm. [William] C Swain,
P Wm. [William] R Easton, Christopr [CHRISTOPHER] Wier [WYER], Geo. [George] M Bunker.

The Meeting adjourned two weeks
which will be the 16th at half past six PM

16th.2m. [16 FEBRUARY]
The town convened according to adjournment

The house was very full. The committee were unanimous
in their report, that it would ^be for the interest of the town
to cause various alterations inside of the house which would
increase the room, so that as to accomodate 450 persons
& all to be seated. My^uch was said for and against the
report, at length the vote was put to accept the report,
which appeared so near an equal number that the moderator
could not determine the decision. It was then concluded
to pole [POLL] the people by all going out of the house & count
them as they came in, when it appeared there were a large
majority against accepting the report.
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The subject was then voted an indefinite postponement.
I think it was the most disorderly town meeting
that I ever witnessed. Laughing aloud, talking, stamping,
and making impertinent observations.
Finally it appeared that the town did not want any
alteration for the accomodation of the people, neither
in having a new house, or altering the present house.

1839∙14th∙2m [1839 14 FEBRUARY]  
Rainy and wet, small wind at East & SE-
The weather continues moderate for Winter.
By the Short cold turns it has kept the harbor
froze over for some time. It has at one time
been froze out far beyond the Bar, but yet
it may truly ^be remarked that the Winter has the
most of the time been moderate. Very little Snow
at no time exceeding two inches in depth.

The Eelers have kept the market well supplied
with Eels and Clams. Notwithstanding the favorable
weather there has been no traders to bring the
products of ^the country to market.

All the most substantial articles of food & fuel
are plenty -- considerable Wood is now on the Wharves
Oak at 8$ and Pine at 6$ ⅌ [PER] Corn Flour 9½ --
Corn 1.10 ⅌ [PER] bushel

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