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Page  2   Brig Halcion Castaway
           3 Cold 5 ° below Zero.
           3 To establish a Telegraph
           3 Memorialize the Legislation on Spirituous Liqour
           3' Hard SSE Storm
           4.5.6 Town House
           7 Hurricane in Liverpool in England
           8. Annual Meeting
           9 Recevd [RECEIVED] a letter from Dan'el [DANIEL]
        > 9 Fire
           9. N Eastrn [Eastern] boundary
      > 12. Towns. [TOWN'S] Committee report to build a new Assylum [ASYLUM] at Quaise
      > 13 Circus, Steam Boat, Soldiers &c
         14 – Henry C Wright ....
      > 13 Episcopalian Church building...Jarred Coffin house
      > 15 Silk Factory
         19 Finished rebuilding the North T of Straight Wharf
         20 .. 12m uncommonly stormy
         21. Dreadful Gale of Wind
         21 Sloop Fame Isaiah Folger got ashore at Holms Hole
         22. Tellegraph [TELEGRAPH] Very useful
         22. Channel cut from the Wharf to Brant Point
         24. Steam boat Lexington burnt
         25. Zenas Coffins. [COFFIN'S] lighter on the Bar & in danger
         25.. Small Pox and Kine Pox.
         26. I was vaccinated
         26. Vaccination through out the town , at the town E xpence
         27  Annual Meetg [MEETING]. House at Quays [QUAISE] finished
         27. Russian Empire  Census
         28  Spring like weathe [WEATHER]
          "    Three Ships arrived
          "    Oil sold to be shipped to England
         28.  Ship Phoenix arrived at the Wharf
         29 {Violant [VIOLENT] Tempest. Abner Smalls. Vessel struck }
              { with lightening & took fire, & much damaged }
         30. Wm. Giffords. [WILLIAM GIFFORD'S] Vessel stranded on the Bar
         31. Anti slavery Meeting, &c
         31. Aron [AARON] Mitchell building a large store.
         30. Isaiah Robbinson, both Thighs broken
         30. Eunice Ross. High School &c
         31. A refreshing shower of Rain
          "    Population of Nantuket.
         31  Small Pox contd. [CONTINUED] 34
         32 Schr [SCHOONER] Hope & Susan bilged on the Bar
          "   Number of Inhabitants on the State of New York

Notes and Questions

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1) Original spelling maintained in transcription.
2) The author appears to be using a superscript abbreviation for "ship": sp. Thus, "Township" (line 13) is Town[sp]. Specific ship names are indicated as such with this abbreviation; as in line 29: Abner Small[sp]


I have made some corrections and filled in some missing words, having checked against the relevant pages.


I think the abbreviation in the line about small pox on page 31 refers to its continuation on page 34.