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Rhoda A Bates Sunday July 7th 1845
Latt [LATITUDE] 36.34 North Long [LONGITUDE] 57.27 west
Sunday is A day with me at sea when my thoughts
are traveling homeward and you dear are how
often have I thought of you this day and the little ones;
God bless them, it is not untill [UNTIL] we away that we appeciate [APPRECIATE]
the worth of those that we have behind. It is now that we
have time for reflection that we can call to mind those
smiles and soft-endearments that we [???] [???] to recieve
after A days absance [ABSENCE] [???] pleasing it is to think of it but [HERE?. ] I
am far away from you and I cannot help feeling sad for who
knows what changes may take place before we meet again
but I have one consolation I can talk with your brother about
you and unburden my mind for at times it contains to [TOO] much
my [OWN?] dear [OVER?] . I assure you; it always releives [RELIEVES] me to write
a few lines. For it always seemed as if you could read it
and I often think it would please you to read some of my noncence [NONSENSE]
Abby C Briggs
Rhod A Bates [THO?] C Bates Charles H Bates Eleanor C Bates
[THO?] C Bates [&?] Rhoda A Bates of [CAPPUAU?] Massachusetts

July 10th 1845 off Bermudas
My ever dear and beloved wife. It is with pleasure
that I have it in my power to ocupy [OCCUPY] any leasure moments
in [COMMANDING?] my thoughts to paper and if these few
lines should be perused by you at some future day you would
see that you ware [WERE] not absent from the thoughts of one that loves
you better than he does himself. Ten years back I could have
gone without one feeling of regret [???] those that I left [???]
[???] [???] {???] not so dear to me as those that I now leave. Those that
are dependant on me for there support and protection, [BOTHER?]
me little and say the word sounds strangely to my ears and I
cannot hardly realise [REALIZE] it but so it is and you dear you are
the mother of my children which binds us together by ties that
cannot be broken at least by [THIS?] poor miserable Devil
Tho C Bates

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