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for enlisting is that which he lavishes upon
himself. The only thanks involved is when
he thanks God he is not in the guard house.
When you consider the difference between
the treatment of the draft as compared with the
volunteer both by civil population & by the
Military Authorites, it is much better to
be a draft. The biggest percent of non coms
now are coming from the drafted population.
All the commissions granted are granted to
the National Army but for God’s sake never
encourage him to go seeking for a commission
for that it is a game that has all
[killers.?] I would resign mine tonight if
I could do it honorably and get to the
regiment I want but that regiment is
in the trenches. A fellows desires are the
very thing he is not to get in this war. At last
these are all problems that each fellow must work
out for himself for there is as much argument
on one side as on the other and as good reasons
for going one way as in the other, besides when
the last it at hand, a bullet cannot tell a
draft from a volunteer hence will sink just as deep.

on account of moving, always
and mail to the Guaranty
Trust Co, of [M?] Paris
[end margin]

Love to all
Elbert E. Wilson

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