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October 28th.
Wrote letters in the morning. In the afternoon took riksha
and went with my young German friend, Mr. Bolter, to see
Roman Catholic Cathedral, Agricultural Experiment Sta-
tion, and the Peking Walls. The city is unspeakably dirty.
Arranged with Bolter and the young Frechman, Mr. Cruse,
both fine fellows, to go with them to Nankou tomorrow to
see the Ming Tombs and Nankou Pass. Met a most interesting
Portugese banker, evidently a man of distinction, Mr. P.
Loureiro of Hong Kong. He was educated by Jesuit priests but
doesn't think much of their organization. He introduced me to
Sir Robert Breedon, a brother-in-law of Sir Robert Hart, and
I understand, his possible successor. Saw several camels today.

October 29th.
Got up early and after an hour's riksha ride took train for
Nankou. After early tiffin we got three laughably little
donkeys and two Chinese coolies and struck out for the Ming
Tombs. After walking awhile we mounted our steeds and looked
for all the world like clowns riding trick mules. Bolter and
Cruse are fine fellows, full of humor, and we had a charming
trip. Especially impressed by the odd animal monuments. Saw a
good deal of Chinese farming, plowing, flailing, threshing-
floors, farm houses, etc. Went to bed about 8:00 after pre-
paring to start by donkeys for Nankou Pass at 5:15 tomorrow.

October 30th.
Woke at 4:00 to find it raining, but we finally got started
with donkeys, drivers and lanters at 5:45 walking in the dark
for an hour before it became light enough to try the donkeys.

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