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Page Heading:: North Carolina Salisbury District } Causes for Trial to Salisbury Superior Court March Term 1767

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NoParties NamesWhat ActionsPleas issues &cVerdicts Judgments & Orders of This Court &C
JE 127 RHAbel Waddle vs John Wrightcase 67General issue Per RHJury impannelld & Sworn & find the defendant did Assume & Assess damage to the sum of £19"1"7 pro. money & Sixpence Costs issd
JW RH 128 SSJohn Stevens vs Anthony HutchingsCase 68ImparlanceContinued
[??] 129 D RH JEIsaac Falconbury vs John CollsonTrespass Imprisonmt 72Not guilty with leave per RH & issueJury impannelld & Sworn & find the defendant not Guilty &c issd
JE 130Mackey & Watson & Co vs Joseph JordanCase 78Judgment by Default &cJury imps & Sworn, Jury withdrawn by Consent, & the [???] Continued till next Court
JD 131 JEJames Erwyn vs EundemCase 79General issue per JEJury impannelld & Sworn & plaintiff being call'd failed to appear. Non Suit, issd
IW 132Richard Broke vs Joseph DobsonDebt 84Judgmt: according to Speciality Not filedJos. Dobson the defendant came into Open Court. & by the Consent of John Williams Atto. for the Plaintiff, & Took the Benefit of the Act of Assembly made for the relief of Poor debtors & Swore he was not worth Forty shillings Sterl: discharged accdly
ID 133William Brittan vs Thomas RaneyDebt 85Judgmt. Anos: to Speciality damage to be Suggested on the RoleJury impannelld & Sworn/ default withdrawn/a Jurer drawn by Commty & the suit - discontinued issd
ID 134Ingram Kippen & Co vs James RobinsonCase 88Judgmt by Default & Inquiry No papers filedContinued
AN 135 ID 23William Hooper vs William DraperCase 89General issue Per JD & issueContinued at the defendants Costs

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Not sure of difference between "I" and "J" - see Numbers column above - wondering which to use?

State Archives of North Carolina

That's a really good question. Honestly looking at them, I'm not sure someone would really be able to tell which is which. I think it's probably going to be one of those things that falls under the transcriber's discretion, and either letter is technically an appropriate answer.