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Page Heading:: North Carolina Salisbury District } Causes for Tryal to Salisbury Superior Court March Term 1767

Column 1Column 2Column 3Column 4Column 5
No.Parties NamesWhat ActionsPleas issues &c.Verdicts Judgments of this Court
EF 82 RH an IWGeorge Augustus Selwyn vs William McKeeDitto 138Contd:discontinued issd
EF 83 RH an IWIdem vs Thomas Polkditto 139Contind:discontinued issd
EF 84 RH n IWIdem vs William Reedditto 140Continueddiscontinued issd
EF 85 RH N. IWIdem vs John Heneryditto 141Continueddiscontinued issd
EF 86 RH N IWIdem vs John Kerreditto 142Contd.discontinued issd
EF 87 RH IWIdem vs Henry Varmerditto 143Continueddiscontinued issd
EF 88 RH IWIdem vs David GarrisonDitto 144Continueddiscontinued issd
RH EF 89Benjamin Miller vs John Colemancase 146default and InquiryJury impaneled and Swornand Assess the plaintiffs damage to the Sum of £106.13.4 Pro mo & Sixpence Costs issd
SS 90 IDAnthony Hutchins vs William Crittenden & othersDebt 147Default and Inquiry vs Crawford Alias vs W Temple ColesContinued .

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Wondering what the repeated abbreviation is in Column 5 ?

State Archives of North Carolina

I would take a guess that because the first one has a dot over the letter and the last one is "issd", that it's probably "issd" written quickly.