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Page Heading:: North Carolina Salisbury District} Causes appointed for Trial to Salisbury Superior Court March Term 1767

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No.Parties namesWhat ActionPleas issues &cVerdicts Judgments and Orders of this Court
JW 10 RHThomas Green vs Hugh QueenCase 15Narr in 1 Month Genl issue per R HDiscontinued isd
RH 11 JDGood-title on the Demise of Thompson vs [Tren?] & Robert GwinnEjectmt 16Jury find deft. guilty of the Trespass &c &c Dunn Mo. for a new Trial Verdict being Contrary to Evidence as alleged. Continued for the Judge to Consider the CostCosts paid New Tryal Granted, stands for Trial Continued
RH 12 JWThe Exors of John Crawford vs Marmaduke KimbroughCase 19Non Assumption per JW and issueContinued
RH 13 JWWilliam Little vs John GilesCase 29Not guilty with leave and issueAbated by the Plantiff's death isd
SSIN 14William Stutley Shirley vs Henry TippinsOrigl: Attmt 30Judgment by Default and EnquiryContinued
SS 15Charles Hill vs The SameOrigl. Attmt: 31Judgmt: by Default and EnquiryJury [impd?]& Sworn & Assess the Plantiffs damages to the sum of £37.3.5. Proc.[proclamation] mo[money] % 6d Costs iss
SS 16 JWAlexander Gordon vs Nathaniel HuntCase 32Not guilty & not guilty within Six Months per I W and issueContinued [didemus?] &c
ID 17 EJ, RHAndrew Karr vs James PattersonCase 33Demurrer filed & joinden in demurrer & Contd. for Argument an to amend the Declaration motion overruledDiscontinued issd
EJ, IW 18William Warson vs Morgan BrownCase 34Continued for NarrContinued

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Abbreviation in right corner of each column 5 entry "Verdicts, Judgments & Orders of this Court" -is it "isd" "issd" ??? What does it signify?

State Archives of North Carolina

I'm not completely sure, but I believe it stands for "issue/issued", a legal term that can mean "To come forth, put out or put into circulation". This also makes sense since it seems to only be on cases that are declared over, so they have declared/issued their ruling or judgment. And I think throughout the volumes the abbreviation isd or issd was used interchangeably.