Salisbury District: Reference Docket Superior Court, 1767-1769





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*Also Contains Civil Trial and Appearance Dockets."
DEC 1 1964
J. R. Howard[?]

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Page Heading:: North Carolina (Reference Docket for Salisbury Superior Court of Justice Marches to Wit Term 1767

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No.Parties namesWhat WritsLaw Courts Orders and Sheriffs ReturnOrder of this Court &c
RJ 1The King vs Townsend RobinsonDebt 8Alias Attn: to Anson NRAlias [ifd?]
ET 2The King vs Adam Roan [et al?]Debt [Sur Stab?] 2[pluries?] to MecklenburgAlias to Rowan [ifd?]
ET 3John Stuart vs John MooreCase 9P. to Mecklenburg Executed. Rich(ard) Henderson a Jo. FondrewOyer had time to Plead
ET 4John Robinson & Co. vs Samuel GreenDebt 12P. to Cumberld. nrAlias [ifd?]
JW 5Thomas Moorman vs Hugh ErwinCase 15P. to Mecklen:gAlias [ifd?]
ET 6William Stokes vs John McIntireCase 16P. to [G.o?] NRAnson [ifd?]
JD 7William Allison vs William Morgan Jun.Debt 19P. to RowanAlias [ifd?]
ET 8The King vs Henry TippinsDebt 22Alias attn: to Anson NRAlias [ifd?]
RH 9 1Buchannan & Com:y vs Robert AlcornDebt 23AliasAncomb [ifd?]

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Page Heading:: North Carolina to wit SS Refference Docket to Salibury Superior Courts March Term 1767

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No.Parties NamesWhat writsLast Courts Orders of Sherriffs returnOrders of this Court SDC
JW 10John Black vs John PearceDebt 24Alias nr.Alias to Meckg[Mecklenburg] issd
RH 11William Armstrong vs Richard BradfordDebt 25Alias to JohnstonAlias issd
GT 12Richard Henderson vs James MillerCase 30Alias to Mecklenburg nr.Alias
JW 13Forsythe and Watson vs Robert AbernathyCase 32Alias to Mecklenburg nr:Aliasto Mu- g.[Mecklenburg] issd
RH 14William Martin vs EundumCase 33Alias to Mecklenburg nr.Alias do.[Mecklenburg]
ET 15John Oakes vs Preston Hampton et alDebt 35Alias to HamptonAlias to Rowan
JD 16Ingrams Kippen & Co: vs Philip MorrisCase 36Alias nr.Alias to do. [Rowan]
JW 17Robert Langley vs Daniel MathewsCase 39Alias nr.Discontd issd
ET 18James Smith vs Andrew Greer & William McConnillCase 40Alias to Cumberland nrAlias to Rowan issd

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Page Heading:: North Carolina Salisbury to wit Refference Docket for Salisbury Superior Courts of Justice March Term 1767

Column 1Column 2Column 3Column 4Column 5
NoParties NamesWhat writsLast Courts Orders & Sherriffs returnOrders of this Court &C
EF,[SS?] 19Anthony Hutchings vs Charles PateCase 41Alias to Rowan NrAtmt. to Anson
EF 20Richard Snowden vs John PattersonDebt 43AliasAlias Rowan
EF 21Idem vs EundemDebt 44AliasAlias to Rowan
EF 22Hugh Smith vs Daniel BritainTAB 45ALias ExecutedNot guilty on the Statute of Lim per ID. [?]issue
EF 23Reubin Perkins vs James HowardSlander 47Alias to Mecklenburg nrAlias issd
JD 24 S.S.James Patrick vs John Carrol Jun rCase for Words 48Alias to Mecklenburg nrAlias
EF 25Thomas Batey vs Henry TankersleyT A B 51Alias to Mecklenburg nrAlias
EF 26The King vs Thomas LoydDebt 52Attachment NB. but Lands in Anson CountyAlias Attmt. issd
EF 27 3The King vs John JacksonDebt 53Attachment null a BonaAlias Attmt issd

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Page Heading:: North Carolina Salisbury to writ Reference Docket for Salisbury Superior Court, March Term 1767

Column 1Column 2Column 3Column 4Column 5
No.Parties NamesWhat WritsLast Courts Orders and Sherriffs returnOrders of this Court &c.
EF. SS 28George Magoune afs:of Spurgeon vs Elisha BaldwinCase 54aliasalias
EF 29Lyon Tullerton & Comp:y vs Thomas DunlapCase 55Alias to Anson [begin crossed out] nr [end crossed out]alias
ID 30George Hollobough vs Peter StrosierCase for Words 56AliasAlias issd
JD 31John McTaddin vs Rob t Woods (weaver)Case 57AliasAlias Attmt. issd
JW 32Thomas Raney vs The Adms of Chas BateyDebt 58Alias to Meckleng [Mecklenburg] Executed John Armstrong [??]Oyer. had Condition performed & issue
EF 33Paul Harrolson vs John Viggers & wife et alDebt 61Alias vs Wm. McKnight and wife in HalifaxAlias to Halifax issd
EJ JW 34John hhunter vs Chelsey DonnellCase 62Alias to Granville Exd John Howard [Au?]General issue per Rst of issue mediums to Virga[Virginia] for [???] & deft[defendant?]
JE 35Henry Bates vs Jacob WomackCase 64Alias to OrangeAlias issd
SS 36William Davis vs William MorrissTAB appearance 21alias [begin crossed out] nr [end crossed out]Alias issd

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