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"2. High Schools. In order to equalize the educational opportunity for all of the
citizens of North Carolina, an accredited, comprehensive high school be avail-
able to every person of high school age. Along with the reorganization and consolidation
of schools, the Committee is of the opinion that high school facilities should be pro-
vided for every child wherever these facilities are not already available."

The Committee recommendations were equally as definite and positive as this state-
ment of need. Note the following:

"a. That the administrative units prepare plans showing proposed consolidations,
including transportation equipment necessary, and giving facts as to present school
indebtedness and the financial ability of the unit to provide further school facilities.

b. That such plans be submitted to the State Superintendent of Public Instruction
for approval.

c. That a method of financing be devised for the completion of the proposed
approved consolidation plans for all races within six years following the end of the
war. Some of the units may be able to finance their programs from reserves or from
other local sources.

d. That this Legislature (1945) investigate the possibility of providing aid in
some manner, probably,

(1) as a loan at a low rate of interest

(2) As a loan without interest

(3) As part loan and grant

(4) As a direct grant

Such funds could be applied uniformly to all units alike regardless of ability, present
indebtedness, and need; or they could be distributed in the form of an equalization
fun. The Committee is of the opinion that the time has come when some such basis
should be used, and recommends that careful consideration. be given to this plan."

Committee statements and recommendations on all the seven points of the study
were quite as cogent and emphatic as are those quoted above. The State Board of Education
approved the reports and recommendations for its Committee on Negro Education on January 23.

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