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established in Fayetteville in 1877.

Following that significant action by the General Assembly in 1921, members of
the Division of Negro Education made an appeal to the General Education Board: "Would
your officers be interested in making available $100,000 to $150,000 to be used for
all types of needed equipment in the proposed new buildings at the three teachers
colleges, so that all of the states half million dollars could be used for new build-
ings." In a brief time, the officers of the Board had agreed to make a grant of
$125,000 for equipment as requested. This splendid gift made possible a total of
$625,000 for new buildings and equipment for these three Negro colleges.

Third - While not done specifically for Negro education nor indeed education in
general, two actions of the 1921 Legislature did help stimulate and promote activity
in behalf of the education of Negroes as well as whites. These were: a. The
$50,000,000 bond issue authorized for the building of a system of state highways.
Governor Cameron Morrison proved to be a prophet when he said this action would put
our people to work, and distribute money all over the state where it was sorely needed
at that time. b. The beginning of bond issues by the state to be a loan fund to
local school units for building consolidated school houses. These bond issues finally
amounted to $17,500,000 in 1927. Incidentally, it may be mentioned here that both
road and school bonds have paid splendid dividends to the state and to the local com-
munities. Further, that now in 1945, the General Assembly finds it possible to set
aside out of current surplus funds $51,500,000 to liquidate as due all of the school
building bonds and all other accumulated General Fund obligations including principal
and interest. It may be mentioned, too, that the highway bonds have not been any
burden to the state from the standpoint of debt. The income to the Road Fund has
always been ample to pay interest promptly when due and to provide sinking funds
sufficient to liquidate road bonds as they fall due. The State Treasurer advises that
all road bonds will fall due and be paid in 1951 - six years from now."

The major point in this immediate discussion is to imphasize the fact that Governor

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