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in the state extending over a period of eleven years--1927 to 1938; and now the
study authorized in December, 1943, which it is hoped in some respects
at least may point the way to equality in education for our Negro citizens all
along the line.

2. That in the period of time under consideration literally hundreds
of other small meetings, county-city- or district, have been held in which the
same general process of informing the people on the status of the Negro schools
and the urgent need for informing them has been followed. One series of such
smaller meetings were six district meetings with county and city superintendents
three or four years ago in which the one important topic was consolidation and
transportation for the then 1,378 small Negro schools.

3. That the Legislature in 1939, basing its action upon the state-
wide study of Negro Education, which that body had authorized in 1937, began
the process of eliminating salary differentials by an approximate appropriation
annually of $250,000, and made provision for graduate and professional education
of Negroes, on the Master's Degree level within the state and for higher
degrees in institutions outside the state, for which fellowships were provided
under definite and clear-cut conditions.

4. That throughout the period of two or three decades referred
to there have been in large measure very satisfactory and peaceful race relations
in North Carolina. As one result, some very encouraging "Progress in Equalizing
Educational Opportunities" has been made.

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