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II - Seminar 3:30
Topic: Place of the Church Related College in the Education of the Negro.

1 Foundations and individuals have taken position that aid to private or church
a. Because they have freedom to experiment.
b. Because of freedom from political control, etc.

2. This assumption is based upon another assumption, viz: that the private institution
will have adequate funds to lead in new fields and to exercise such leadership
because of freedom from what is generally referred to as political influence.

3. What has happend in the last two decades in North Carolina?

Date Enrollment Graduates Enrollment Graduate
1922 118 9 ---- 51
1923 163 36 442 75
1932 1,187 187 1,149 190
1941 3,221 787 1,831 417
1942 3,406 --- 2,000 ---

In the South as a whole?

to be present at your meeting.

I want to congratulate you and all concerned on the grant of $75,000
from the General Education Board, and say that members of the staff of
this Department have been assisting President Trent in every way
possible to get the War Production Board authorities in Washington to
approve certain materials that will be needed to complete the Price
Memorial Building.

With best wishes, I am,
Very sincerely yours,
N. C. Newbold

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