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{title} A North-American Indian Boy.
A North American Indian Boy about four
foot high, looking to be about 14 years of
age, of a very tawny complexion; stout made,
broad, fat faced, black eye'd, with bristly black
hair in his head, having the hair of one of his eye-
lids white, his ears bored, a mixture of white hairs
in his head, freckled like an adder in the neck,
knees, and other parts of his body, dressed in a
hat and red vest, and a red under-vest, black stock-
ing breeches, bare-footed, and speaks English very
imperfectly strayed from his masters house in Glas-
gow, early on Monday morning the 11th of Au-
gust current. He answers to the name Bob Who-
ever can secure and give account of him to Claud
Marshall, writer in Glasgow, will be paid all
charges, and thankfully rewarded.

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